Probably the most successful route to a flat stomach throughout your life is to adopt healthful habits.

If you are a teenager, particularly a mature teenager, you may suffer from exactly the same fat retention problems as adults do. One of these simple problems is fat in your stomach — many people carry weight within their gut, either in the form of a pot belly or rolls. Besides this being aesthetically unpleasing, it is also a sign of illness and diet; your teen years make the perfect time to get on top of this making a change that hopefully lasts up.

Get a Flat Stomach for Teen Girls

Get a Flat Stomach for Teen Girls

Teen girls feel more pressure than normal to have the perfect body, including their stomachs. There is lots of bad advice available about losing weight quickly and easily, most of which is dangerous. Most of these “quick fixes” lead to regaining the weight after the program is completed.


Eating regularly keeps your metabolism revved and provides your body the nutrients to construct healthy, toned muscle. Shoot for three meals each day and many healthful snacks. The U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Guide Pyramid recommends lean protein from meat, fish, chicken and low-fat or free of fat dairy. Add to each meal an amount or two of fresh fruit or vegetables and whole grain products, such as whole grain bread or brown rice. Teenage girls require a couple of,200 calories daily to aid growth and proper physiological functioning.

Foods to prevent

Sugar and saturated fat add calories without any nutritional value. Limit soda, candy, sugary desserts, junk food and fried food whenever possible. Avoiding unnecessary calories can help you shed excess belly fat faster.

Cardio Exercise

A healthful diet could keep your caloric intake at the proper level. To lose stored fat, you have to get active. Susan Bartell, author of “Dr. Susan’s Girls-Only Weight reduction Guide,” says any action you enjoy and can perform at moderate to intense counts, including dancing, skating, running, swimming or taking part in an aerobics class. Walk whenever possible or ride your bike for transportation. Be as active as possible, most days of the week.

Get a Flat Stomach

Get a Flat Stomach

Stomach crunches

Traditional crunches work the abdominal muscles that run along the front from the torso, commonly referred to as the 6-pack. Exercise routines that incorporate Pilates or yoga and exercises performed with an exercise ball help firm the muscles within the lower part of the abdomen, alongside of the waist and the back muscles. All these muscles interact to create a flatter stomach. Additionally they give you better balance and reduce your risk of back injury, based on the Mayo Clinic.

Strength Training

Don’t think the myth that you will get bulky muscles. Ladies have different hormones than men, which limits the quantity of muscle growth you can achieve. Weight training builds healthy, toned muscle that provides you more energy, improves your own body’s appearance and raises your metabolism. Strong muscles use-up more calories, too, even when you sleep. Use weight machines at the local gym or weight loads at home, incorporating exercises for every muscle group. Allow a day of sleep between workouts. Muscles develop when you are at rest, not during workouts.

Avoid Fads

Don’t fall for diets that advertise exaggerated results and workouts claiming to sculpt a perfect body overnight. They are usually unhealthy, according to the Mayo Clinic, and then any results you gain will disappear whenever you stop using the program. Probably the most successful route to a flat stomach throughout your life is to adopt healthful habits.