A liquid diet, as the name suggests, is a diet where one is supposed to have only liquid or semi-solid foods and completely cut give up solid foods.

Healthy Foods For Liquid Diet

Healthy Foods For Liquid Diet

The liquid diet is one of the well-known fad diets today which claims to aid people who are looking to lose weight fast. Whether this diet is really a healthy one or an unhealthy one, is really a debatable issue. But, it’s still widely followed in many parts of the world.

Whether there is a big event coming up, you want to get a jump start on a more traditional diet, or you would like to drop a couple of pounds fast, using a liquid diet at the right time, with the right foods and a focus to nutrition and health issues that might occur, you can be on your way to a slimmer, sleeker body.

If you’re to follow a clear liquid diet before surgical procedures or even for weight loss, you need to reduce the intake of solid foods considerably prior to actually commencing the diet. Water is the most important content which is essential to have sufficient amounts of water to keep the body hydrated.

Vegetable Juice

Include strained vegetable juice or vegetable juice without pulp included in a full liquid diet. Since most liquid diet foods use fruit, dairy or water like a base, drinking vegetable juice is an opportunity to add a different group of vitamins and minerals to what you eat.


Don’t neglect water like a valuable part of both a clear and full liquid diet. Water and other water-based clear liquid diet foods help maintain hydration, supply the body with electrolytes, and maintain energy when more substantial food can’t fulfill the same tasks.


Sip plain broth included in a clear liquid diet. The broth can be canned inside a fat-free variety, bouillon or consomme. Broth is more flavorful than many other clear liquid foods, therefore it helps add variety to the diet.

Fruit Juices

Fruit juices are healthy choices for a liquid diet. They are enriched with natural sugar, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Turn to a variety of fruits for making juices, as opposed to just sticking to one monotonous kind of fruit juice.


Prepare plain gelatin dissolved in water included in a clear liquid diet. The thicker consistency of gelatin might help add variety to a diet that is entirely liquid, also it may feel like more substantial food. Adding high-protein gelatin for an extended clear liquid diet, as adhering to the diet for a few days does not provide adequate calories, protein or nutrition.


Add broth-based soups without solid items and soft, pureed soups to some full liquid diet. Milk and cream based soups and soups with pureed potatoes may also be included. These items offer more nutrition and therefore are more substantive than foods inside a clear liquid diet.

Fruit Smoothie

Prepared by mixing yogurt, wheat germ and fresh fruits, this fruit smoothie is really a healthy option for liquid diet food. You can add fruits of your preferred choice like apple, banana, pineapple and strawberries.

Liquid Diet Foods

Liquid Diet Foods


Include calcium and protein in your daily full liquid diet by regularly eating and drinking dairy products for example milk, milk-based soups, yogurt, custard and ice cream or frozen yogurt. Though some of these products have high levels of fat and calories, they provide the body having a greater amount of energy than many other liquid diet foods.

Tea and Coffee

Being liquid beverages, tea and coffee will also be included in the list of a liquid diet food list. Nevertheless, don’t indulge in drinking only tea or only coffee in place of meals, as they have various side effects when drawn in a large quantity at a time.