This article will give you an insight on what is the master cleanse for weight loss, it benefits, the stages of this diet, and the possible dangers of following this diet.

Master Cleanse

Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse diet, which is also called the lemonade diet is really a detox diet which is designed to clean the digestive system, eliminate toxins in the body, promote weight loss, and increase energy levels. Within this detox diet the key ingredient is really a concoction which is referred as lemonade, a salt water flush, and laxatives. The lemonade is created using half juice of organic lime or lemon, and 2 tablespoons of maple syrup with a pinch of cayenne pepper mixed in 1 to 2 cups of water. People who are about this diet are instructed to drink lemonade through the day, and follow a strict multi-stage diet program.

The Master Cleanse works by replacing the calories from food with calories from a natural lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup mixture that’s rich in vitamins and other nutrients.

Does It Work?

How much weight you’ll lose around the Master Cleanse diet will depend on how overweight you are in the beginning. It is not uncommon for people to get rid of five pounds the first day as well as ten pounds in two days. For those who have less weight to lose, the rate of loss is going to be lower.


Once you’re into day three of the Master Cleanse diet, your body begins to produce ketones. Ketones act as a powerful appetite suppressant which is why people don’t experience hunger while on this cleanse. As the body works to heal itself, it locates diseased or poorly formed muscle, and burns that as fuel first.


The body takes care of itself, so when following a detoxing fast like Master Cleanse, the body determines what it really will consume first for fuel. On this cleanse, the body conserves the comparatively limited body protein stores and burns fat for that primary source of energy.


Most of the rapid weight loss in the beginning of the Master Cleanse diet is water. This occurs because the body eliminates all the extra salt that causes water retention.

Stages of the Diet

1st Stage

The first stage of the diet plan is aimed as easing within the detox, which lasts for three days. This stage helps the body get ready for a liquid-based diet. On the first day the person should consume only fruits and vegetables. People aren’t allowed to eat grain, dairy products, or meat products. Around the second day of this stage the dieter is suggested juice of fruits and vegetables. As well as on the third day of stage one, only orange juice with maple syrup is recommended.

2nd Stage

This stage within the diet is considered to be the bulk of the diet, as it can last for 14 days and has to be followed very strictly. The first stuff that the person needs to do is create a lemonade concoction. And each time the individual feels tired or hungry, they’re supposed to drink a glass of lemonade, drinking between six and 26 glasses every day is recommended, as well as in between plain water is allowed. Using the drinking of lemonade concoction people are told to consider a laxative, or to finish a salt water flush each morning and have another laxative during the evening period. To make the salt water flush, 10 ml of sea salt in a single liter of water is used. Then your complete mixture is to be had. This mix is supposed to remove any waste kept in the body. People who complete the ocean salt flush can expect as much as 15 bowel motions in one sitting.

3rd Stage

During the 3rd stage of the lemonade detox diet, the first stage process becomes reversed. Firstly, they’re advised to have orange juice on the first day. And on the next day they are permitted to have juiced fruits and vegetables. Finally, around the last day solid vegetables and fruits are recommended.

Master Cleanse For Weight Loss

Master Cleanse For Weight Loss

The Real Weight Loss Comes After You Finish The Master Cleanse

Exactly what the Master Cleanse does do in the long run when it comes to weight loss is promote craving control. The Master Cleanse requires much discipline within the first place, a valuable lesson to understand since controlling cravings is about discipline, and the nutrition being drawn in during the Master Cleanse also promotes craving control. This really is greatly to your advantage.

Using the Master Cleanse, you will be better able to control your cravings even if you are not on the Master Cleanse, allowing you to be able to chop those pounds and be healthier throughout the year.

By having a good diet program and watching your food intake you will be able to lose weight successfully, keep them back, and promote more health benefits even if you are not actively on the Master Cleanse.